The first international meeting of physicians applying the product Amnioderm

The first international meeting of physicians applying the product Amnioderm

New quality in the chronic wound healing – physicians presented their successes.

Two-day meeting (22nd and 23rd March 2018) of physicians applying the product AmnioDerm® with international attendance took place in Sliač, Slovakia. One part of the program was introduction of the product, amniotic membrane issues, worldwide experiences, knowledge and results of the studies, information about the product and its specification, indication and use.

In the second block the physicians presented their experiences with applications including case studies. All the physicians concurred in the irreplaceable role of the product AmnioDerm® in the chronic wound healing. Perfect results were presented by physicians also in case of patients whose wounds did not mend for very long time period. Also the position of product AmnioDerm® in complex wound management with acute thermal and non-thermal loss of skin was introduced. In following part of the meeting were presented the materials for physicians and also for patients suffering from chronic wounds.

During the discussion was defined the way of right communication with patients in purpose to let the majority of the patients know about the new possibilities of chronic wound healing support. The discussion also dealt with the operation of the Application Centers and revealed the necessities of some changes so as the necessity of changing the guidelines for wound healing in future.

Meetings and exchange of the experiences is irreplaceable and integral part of the product’s way from research and processing to patients and the necessity of regular meetings on this level is proved. Next session is planned in autumn.